Tattoo Ratings

So, my first HoR3 concept gets shot down. I came up with something cool that was too much of a hassle to GM. So, on to the next concept – Tattooed Monk.

While I still need permission for this concept, the bigger problem is deciding what second tattoo to play with. Actually, if either I liked the 4e tattoos better or if I knew that there would be more options available soon out of supplements, this character may not have been my second choice. But, much as how I’d be less interested in a 3e TM without Masters of Magic, I think it’s likely the cooler tats will show up in some power-elevated supplement. So, I was thinking of working on a main character while having this one waiting in the wings for more options.

I put together a table of my views of the value of the 4e mainbook tats to help try to confirm a second choice. The valuations are tied to this specific character. Scale is 1 to 5, unlike my usual CCG valuations, 3 is average rather than being above average. Power is my estimation of how useful the tat will be for this character in play. Amusement and cool are similar, but amusement is more about what I think of using the tat and cool is more about what I’d think others would think of the tat being used. Amusement is, of course, the most important value, making it the tiebreaker. I could have gone with power, amusement/cool, interesting as values, I suppose, as something like Wind is more interesting for seeing what can be done with extra simple actions. But, I kind of roll interesting into amusement and cool, so maybe it doesn’t matter.

Tattoo Power Amusement Cool Average
Mantis 2 5 5 4.0
Ocean 3 3 5 3.7
Ki-Rin 5 4 1 3.3
Crane 4 3 2 3.0
Spider 1 4 3 2.7
Balance 3 3 2 2.7
Scorpion 3 3 2 2.7
Bamboo 4 2 2 2.7
Phoenix 3 2 3 2.7
Wind 3 2 2 2.3
Dragon 4 1 2 2.3
Void 4 1 2 2.3
Crab 3 2 1 2.0
Storm 2 2 2 2.0
Lion 2 1 2 1.7
Blaze 1 1 2 1.3
Centipede 1 1 2 1.3
Hawk 1 1 2 1.3
Mountain 1 1 2 1.3
Wolf 1 1 1 1.0

Mantis is, of course, the first choice. Ocean would be the second choice if I wasn’t going to wait until rank 3 for it, when I think it would get far more use (in Shadowlands, spirit realms, and the like). Ki-Rin is the most useful of the also-rans, which is why I keep coming back to it, but it’s kind of cheaty in my mind, reducing its cool factor by a lot. I want one general use tat, but I don’t want it to be that mechanical, even though 4e in general comes across as highly mechanical to me. It’s interesting that 4e doesn’t have Arrowroot, yet, as that’s more the sort of thing (healing) that would be so useful and non-cheesy that I’d probably go with.

The problem I have with Crane is that, on the one hand, it suits the character well, supporting a strength, but, on the other hand, seems cheaty in that social abilities being buffed by magic doesn’t have the same flavor as, say, combat abilities being buffed. I should probably take it since it’s the sort of thing other characters wouldn’t. Of course, this is why this is such a struggle. There’s a number of possibilities below the primes that have sufficiently mixed values in play. As rank 3 is far off, the “comfort” option of Ki-Rin is hard to bypass.

As for creating my own, while something I want to do, I’ve already had one of my top two concepts killed, and I actually want to play a character I want to play, rather than worry overmuch about having a signature ability.


2 Responses to Tattoo Ratings

  1. Andy says:

    Who are you talking to about HoR3? All I’ve found was some unfinished wiki, any idea on the release schedule for HoR3 modules? Also, are any of the games going to be run at cons near hear or mostly out in the Midwest?

    Whats up with rating Centipede so low? who wouldn’t want to go running across the Empire in a single day? No one could ever catch you. Seems like this would become the default mail delivery system in the Empire.

    How often does fear really come up?

  2. iclee says:

    There’s a Yahoogroup for HoR, largely not being used anymore as there’s now a Yahoogroup for HoR3 and one for organizing online play.

    They have 4-6 mods at the moment. New Beginnings is suggested as a starting mod as it, apparently, shows how the HoR3 storyline deviates from canon. KC Game Fair is the campaign launch. I plan on running stuff at local cons starting with DDC. But, really, Midwest cons are where most things will happen. Just the demographic for the game.

    When is running across the Empire useful? I can recall only one specific instance where Centipede would have done something important, and that wasn’t even in a mod. I’m sure it’s possible to come up with other instances, but getting someplace fast by yourself and then being wiped out when you get there is not a particularly effective path. It’s very much a NPCish ability to have.

    Fear comes up often enough. It’s a horrible roll to fail. Sometimes, it’s a great roll to succeed. In general, I’m a big fan of transcendent qualities – powers or whatever that trump within a specified area.

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