Stanford Games

Because Brandon is “too busy” with life to bother, I wrote a bit about the games we played a couple of weeks ago. Or, actually, the game I played and the game I tutored.

As it has been a couple of weeks, I’ve forgotten who started these games. Brandon and I went up to Stanford to play with Gerentt and his friends.

First Game:
Toreador intercept guns w/ bleed -> AAA -> Lucian Is Too Perfect To Bleed -> EuroBrujah thrown junk version

So, I keep working on the Perfect Lucian deck. Sadly, while Lucian must never bleed, I used him to bleed, so this deck was an abject failure. The key features of this game were: EuroBrujah never drawing a Second Tradition and so being easily run over for no good reason; my stealing Papillion with Dominate Kine and applying it to feed Alonso Petrodon; my axe having enough intercept + wake to slow down AAA; my Confusion of the Eyes killing multiple Parity Shifts [stop playing Parity Shift, you wankers]. Actually, at a certain point, I was fairly low on pool and my predator could maybe have gotten me, but I had been discarding Redirections and bouncing other bleeds, so he was conservative and the bleeds going all the way around the table to my prey were helpful. I did boringly bleed with Lucian for 6 with one card just to oust my prey. AAA got ousted. We timed out, though I would have won the endgame in a couple of turns.

Key card: Confusion of the Eye. Usually, it sucks for me. But, our metagame is so Parity Shift heavy right now, that I even Dreamsed one to kill a second Parity Shift of my predator’s. Of course, we are also Salubri heavy, so Qadir decks should be all the rage – change clan to Salubri, Confusion of the Eye.

Second Game:

ANI -> Ventrue -> 16 Daggers -> Cock Robin

This game was kind of painful. I was helping both of Gerentt’s friends since they had little experience. Gerentt never got going and my Dagger deck just overran him to where he begged to be ousted. The Ventrue deck was a major threat, but it was tricky to play as it had rush in front and intercept behind. Haven Uncovereds kept going backwards to (correctly) slow her down. In the endgame, it was an incredibly close affair where the Dagger deck had to topdeck a Dagger after putting a Frontal Assault in play (just to dig deeper). It was still close until the Dagger deck’s Ashur Tablets went off. An interesting endgame as the Animalism could outmaneuver, but the Dagger deck could still do some damage, especially with Target Vitals, and had enough prevent not to get beaten down.

Key card: Haven Uncovered? It bought the Dagger deck enough time. It was kind of funny how the Ventrue deck had a bunch of prevent which didn’t hurt against predator and would have been solid against prey, and two The Kiss of Ra did slow down her predator.

One Response to Stanford Games

  1. Brandon says:

    Game 1: Gerentt irresponsibly bounced a bleed for three to you and you bounced it to me(after discarding at least two Redirections before that). I had a deflection and even cycled combat cards when I blocked my prey(!)’s bleed, but one too few to get a 2nd tradition. Lucian sleazily bled me right afterward.

    Game 2: Pretty good game. I ousted my prey when she was bounced to me and I blocked + fame/tension dunked. I think it was crows/bats one round, Pack Alpha to get +1 strength for the crows+punch for two second round.

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