Decision: 2010 – Restrictions Unbound

So, HoR3 has been announced. Not sure what the website will be, though the Yahoogroup is up. The overwhelming issue is, of course, what characters to play.

With HoR2, I made some regretful choices. My main was an Omoidasu not because I actually paid any attention to what the school did but because he was based off of a HoR1 character where the school actually did something (something pathetic, but something). I built him very badly and gave him an idiotic goal. In the end, it worked out, and I usually enjoyed my escapades, but I likely would have enjoyed them more if I thought through things better.

My first backup character was a character of necessity. I had to have someone who could survive serious combat. Unfortunately, he was the worst bushi imaginable from an offensive standpoint. This was occasionally amusing but not nearly as pleasing as I expected as I felt like I constantly wasn’t pulling my weight. Three really cool things happened, though. First, he really got into sailing, establishing a powerful (flavorwise) niche. Second, while building him up for another battle event, a mod gave him a unique goal, one with a lot of resonance for me. Third, he found a PC honey. That led to playing him more often than intended.

Not necessarily a good thing playing a backup more than intended. It meant my main was frequently far behind where I wanted him and was never going to achieve ultimate form.

Planning of playing multiple characters is something I utterly failed at. Let’s see if I can change that. As cool as it was how so many things worked out, nevertheless, I want to see if I can hit rank 5 with a character to try out some hawt tech.

There’s several schools of thought on how to approach the campaign. One school is to focus on my main and play my backup as needed. The second school is to have no main and play a variety of characters, giving two or three meaningful XP, this fails the stated goal of hitting rank 5 with a character, though. The third school is to have a main and a variety of sides. While an interesting concept to get to play more archetypes, I believe I’ll more enjoy developing characters than playing a lot of concepts, though it could be a close call.

I put together a doc of all of the great clan, minor clan, and imperial schools. I rated my interest in each school. I added families that I’d play with the schools. I labeled each possibility as either a prime, backup, both, or neither. Then, I started replacing non-neithers with neithers as I reviewed the panoply of options. It became quite clear that my primary interests are actually my primary interests. Tattooed Monk and Toku Bushi (school) are the headliners. With one backup exception, every one of my ideas is on the restricted list for HoR3.

So, once I finish off my HoR2 fics – Jun is done, Ryota is this week I hope, Zetsu is questionable – I need to work on my HoR3 fics to gain permission for my concepts. Unfortunately, someone I’ve played with a decent amount also wants to play a Tattooed Monk, which, while I know I will have my own niche with my concept and I know we probably won’t play that often together, still makes me think. In fact, the more I think about it as I write this, the more I think I care about rank 5 with Toku and only want to get to rank 3 with Tattooed. Awesome possum, I now have a plan.

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