San Francisco Regional Qualifier 2010

So, qualifier weekend. Standard constructed Saturday morning (not a miniqualifier for some reason), qualifier in the evening, storyline on Sunday.

Round 1:

James (Ferryman/Talbot’s) -> Eric (Black Cat Kpist) -> Ira (Ani/Dom/Obf) -> Ian (For/Pro intercept) -> Gerentt (4/5 Brujah Royalty)

This wasn’t terribly memorable except for all of the intercept locations that came down. Five of them got played, plus The Anarch Free Press. Eric could never do anything as he kept getting blocked trying to get a gun, and it wasn’t clear what the deck did without one. Ira, with no predator, amassed the expected army. I got Gerentt with Monkey Wrenches. James actually had his deck do what it was supposed to and got Talbot’s on the Ferryman. Some backwards rush kept Gerentt weak, ousting Eric was pretty easy. Talbot’s finally got blown up by Canine Horde, removing the only threat James had to Ira’s deck, and I barely survived on time.

Round 2:

Mike (Shattering Crescendo vote) -> Ian -> Michael (weenie Hack w/ Obf) -> Alex (Torrance Circle) -> James

Alex thought it was impressive that Mike torped all of my vampires with Death of the Drum (off of my maneuver) and Shattering Crescendo.  I was far, far more impressed that Alex stabilized almost immediately against the horde with Thicker Than Blood and Info Highway and beatings.  Of course, with my lack of pressure, Michael just kept decrypting to build his fleet.  Mike was annoyed by all of the intercept around him and kept threatening Alex with the idea that Michael was a better predator to James, but James did virtually nothing.  The real problem for Mike was that his deck seemed to go way too much forward.  I think he should have killed off James as Alex would have still been constrained by the horde.  Alternatively, he nukes the weenies, unloosening Alex to make James defend, and then, goes after me.

Anyway, Michael lunges unsuccessfully, setting me up for 2 after I recover.  James takes out Mike who has no defense.  James and I should time out as he could just stay untapped and I could never get through because Daring the Dawn isn’t so useful against allies.  But, we try to do stuff, and eventually he is tapped enough for me to finish him off.


James -> Ian -> Brandon (Dom/more Dom/For) -> Oliver (some anarch thing) -> Robert (weenie Presence bleed)

This was kind of dumb as there were two decks that needed ganging up on.  I was second seed and had an okay seat.  People ganged up on Brandon and he couldn’t get the draw to take out Oliver, so I ousted him.  People didn’t gang up on Robert, so he won.  I think Brandon should have worked with someone, like me, to put some pressure on Robert with bounce, rather than just keep throwing bleeds at Oliver, hoping he would die.  It was taking so long to get Oliver that even if he did get him, Robert would win.  My unloosening Oliver didn’t do much as he failed to rescue my “Force of Will for the oust” third vampire and I couldn’t deal with the weenie horde.

Qualifier, round 1:

Mike (Renegade Garou can bleed) -> Ian (The Horde) -> Alex (EuroBrujah) -> Eric (Qawiyya) -> Matt (Soul Scan)

At least it was quick.  I learned pretty quickly that my attempt at combo horde of Hordes didn’t combo much and didn’t exactly horde as I only brought out about 7.  Matt’s game might have been less interesting than mine as he spent pretty much the whole game just rescuing and hunting as Eric went completely forwards.  For some reason, Eric didn’t continue to contest Fame, so Mike ousted me (after I got Eric to twice Hide the Mind bleeds when I was at 2 pool).

Round 2:

Matt -> Andy (Crazy Santa[leous]) -> Robert (Ahrimanes) -> Ian -> Brandon (weenie anarch Auspex)

Matt and I had a really, really lame tournament.  He couldn’t do anything as Brandon would block him.  Even with no predator, I couldn’t do anything, either.  My horde of free, stealth bleeding dudes was actually just 5 to 7 “I hit you for one” dudes.  Andy propped me up some to try to put pressure on Brandon, but that was mostly ineffectual, so with around 15 minutes left, he finally decided to oust me, and the game timed out.


Robert won again, beating Mike, Andy, Jeff?, and Eric.  I was showing Kuta how to play Race for the Galaxy.

Storyline, round 1:

Matt (Chicago Circle) -> Michael (Tupdog) -> Alex (Torrance Circle) -> Ian (Trujah vote)

Alex was loyalist, I think.  I think Michael cheated.  Matt and I definitely cheated.  The two BB decks were scared to even bring out minions against the Tupdogs, even though they both fought well enough when they finally did.  Seating meant I won … but not before I gave Matt a VP by crosstable Banishing Pugfar.  I was usually above 20 pool and brought out 35 pool worth of vampires, working on a 10 cap when I won.  Amusing?  Tupdog getting Pentexed and still getting into combat via slave mechanic.

Round 2:

Ian -> Brandon (Off Kilter) -> Ian (Samedi ally) -> Ira (Samedi Dabbler)

Yeah, that would make three (out of three) Samedi decks at my table.  That slowed them down.  Mistrust and my prey having 2 permanent votes slowed me down, so I never had three minions at the same time.  I did bloat enough to keep Ira from reducing me below 1 pool, which he managed twice.  Ian should have put way more pressure on Ira by attempting to block Brandon’s bleeds so that the bounces were at stealth.  He became an ineffectual predator, allowing Ira to put six or so Samedi in play.  I had one turn in which I could have gotten Brandon, but I assumed he had Archon Investigation and I had problems doing things.


Ian -> Oliver (Kiasyd w/ vote) -> Brandon -> Steve (The Horde) -> Ira

Third seed.  I don’t think Oliver chose wisely, but he only knew Steve’s deck.  Ira had no chance of winning, I had virtually no chance.  Oliver brings out a dude and becomes a Cardinal.  I don’t bring out any dudes with votes, ever.  I Free States Rant Steve, which only impacts one Horde because along with Oliver and I, he is cheating.  I forget why Hall of Hades’ Court isn’t a good card and bleed Brandon for 3, which kills him when I figure he’s going to win as he’d oust Steve on his next turn and Ira would gladly capitulate for a Samedi victory.  I play an awful lot of Free States Rants to slow Oliver’s five Kiasyd, but he gets Steve, anyway, and the game times out with a chance I could have gotten Oliver with more time.  I make another hugely stupid mistake, not that it would have had any impact on the results by not playing Legendary Vampire on my fourth Trujah.

Deck Name:   Sea Pirates
Description:  Restoration shouldn’t be that bad.  Besides, I’ve never won a tournament with Protean

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 4, Max: 26, Avg: 3.91)
  5  Anarch Convert                     none           1  Caitiff
  1  Antonino                           FOR ani pre pro6  Gangrel
  1  Harry Reese                        cel obf FOR PRO6  Gangrel Antitribu
  1  Maria Stone                        cel obf pro FOR5  Gangrel Antitribu
  1  Mariel St. John                    dom pro AUS FOR6  Ventrue Antitribu
  1  Mowgli                             ani cel FOR PRO5  Gangrel Antitribu
  1  Nadima                             ani aus FOR PRO SER8  Gangrel
  1  Sophia Watson                      obf pro ANI FOR6  Gangrel

Library: (80 cards)
Master (17 cards)
  1  Anarch Free Press, The
  2  Archon Investigation
  1  Barrens, The
  6  Blood Doll
  1  Direct Intervention
  2  Heidelberg Castle, Germany
  1  Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper, The
  2  Storage Annex
  1  Wall Street Night, Financial Newspaper

Action (10 cards)
  2  Force of Will
  8  Restoration

Action Modifier (13 cards)
  1  Daring the Dawn
  7  Freak Drive
  5  Monkey Wrench

Reaction (22 cards)
  4  Eyes of the Beast
  4  Forced Awakening
  4  On the Qui Vive
  4  Sonar
  5  Steadfastness
  1  Wake with Evening`s Freshness

Combat (12 cards)
  1  Armor of Vitality
  1  Claws of the Dead
  4  Earth Meld
  2  Form of Mist
  1  Lam Into
  3  Soak

Ally (1 cards)
  1  Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)

Retainer (3 cards)
  1  J. S. Simmons, Esq.
  1  Mr. Winthrop
  1  Tasha Morgan

Equipment (2 cards)
  2  .44 Magnum

I never drew a Storage Annex in three games, I just realized.  As you can plainly see, the second .44 clearly defines this as one of my combat decks.  The fact that I have no actual way of getting actions through is testament to the efficacy of my philosophy of doing nothing until my inevitable victory.  Or, in other words, sea pirates!!

Deck Name:   100331  The Horde Trust
Created By:  The Horde
Description:  Try not to pay for minions, in reality, suck.

Crypt: (25 cards, Min: 12, Max: 12, Avg: 3)
  25  Horde                             dai obf pre    3  Baali

Library: (75 cards)
Master (38 cards)
  1  Antediluvian Awakening
  2  Archon Investigation
  9  Ashur Tablets
  6  Effective Management
  1  Failsafe
  3  Obfuscate
  3  Parthenon, The
  2  Path of Evil Revelations
  4  Presence
  7  Tend the Flock

Action (10 cards)
  1  Aranthebes, The Immortal
  9  Public Trust

Action Modifier (16 cards)
  2  Aire of Elation
  3  Change of Target
  2  Cloak the Gathering
  1  Domain of Evernight
  1  Elder Impersonation
  1  Faceless Night
  1  I Am Legion
  1  Into Thin Air
  1  Leverage
  1  Lost in Crowds
  1  Spying Mission
  1  Veil the Legions

Reaction (5 cards)
  4  Delaying Tactics
  1  Dread Gaze

Ally (3 cards)
  3  Infernal Servitor

Event (1 cards)
  1  Scourge of the Enochians

Combo (2 cards)
  1  Gift of Sleep
  1  Swallowed by the Night

I don’t typically tune decks.  For a deck that I didn’t know how to build correctly, that I only pulled the cards for the morning of the tournament, I sure made a lot of tweaks as I goldfished the deck.  I don’t know that they helped.  The big problem is that the deck doesn’t actually do what it’s supposed to do.  I’m only supposed to pay for like two Hordes.  But, the number of moving parts is bad enough without trying to do the Ashur Tablets angle.  I’m supposed to be playing Effective Management and Tend the Flock every turn, and I didn’t build that deck.  Without the storyline rule of no infernal payments, I should have just played The Horde intercept combat with a bunch of Evil Revelations.  It couldn’t have been worse.

The whole concept was to play something different – different from my first deck, different from my style of play in that I’m neither fond of combo nor aggro and this was supposed to be both.  If I cared about qualifying in this event, which wasn’t really meaningful as I was already qualified from Vegas, I might have tried something less experimental, but whatever.  Gotz to try different stuff to grow as a player.

Deck Name:   Battle Lines – Trujah
Created By:  Synesios

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 30, Max: 39, Avg: 8.58)
  1  Al-Muntaquim                       TEM POT FOR obf pre8  True Brujah
  1  Al-Muntathir                       AUS FOR PRE TEM obf qui8  True Brujah
  1  Cybele                             ANI DAI OBF PRE SER THA10 Baali
  1  Huitzilopochtli                    AUS DAI DOM OBF PRE POT10 Baali
  1  Ibn Khaldun                        for POT PRE TEM7  True Brujah
  1  Krassimir                          dom nec POT pre TEM7  True Brujah
  1  Lydia                              AUS FOR POT TEM dom pre9  True Brujah
  1  Mikael Birkholm                    PRE TEM aus for pot8  True Brujah
  1  Nehemiah                           obt POT PRE SER TEM9  True Brujah
  1  Nu                                 ani aus POT PRE pro TEM9  True Brujah
  1  Shalmath                           POT PRE TEM    10 True Brujah
  1  Synesios                           obf POT PRE ser TEM8  True Brujah

Library: (90 cards)
Master (21 cards)
  1  Barrens, The
  2  Blood Doll
  1  Direct Intervention
  1  Dreams of the Sphinx
  1  Giant`s Blood
  1  Heidelberg Castle, Germany
  2  Information Highway
  1  Legendary Vampire
  2  Obfuscate
  1  Sudden Reversal
  1  Tabriz Assembly
  7  Villein

Action (3 cards)
  1  Clio`s Kiss
  1  Kiss of Lachesis
  1  Summon History

Action Modifier (24 cards)
  5  Domain of Evernight
  6  Iron Glare
  4  Pocket Out of Time
  1  Recurring Contemplation
  1  Tangle Atropos` Hand
  7  Voter Captivation

Political Action (13 cards)
  1  Ancient Influence
  2  Banishment
  1  Disputed Territory
  5  Free States Rant
  1  Kine Resources Contested
  1  Neonate Breach
  1  Political Stranglehold
  1  Reins of Power

Reaction (7 cards)
  1  Internal Recursion
  4  On the Qui Vive
  2  Rewind Time

Combat (16 cards)
  8  Majesty
  7  Outside the Hourglass
  1  Taste of Vitae

Ally (1 cards)
  1  Mylan Horseed (Goblin)

Equipment (1 cards)
  1  Heart of Nizchetus

Event (1 cards)
  1  Scourge of the Enochians

Combo (3 cards)
  2  Hall of Hades` Court
  1  Quicksilver Contemplation

Man, this was way more fun than I expected.  Man, the scarce rule is insipid and should be removed from the game so that people can actually have fun, even if they don’t get to have 10 unique crypt options for their scarcies.  Of course, Lilith Blessed this deck.

I didn’t really make much of an effort.  The lack of ability to pass votes was a “what the hell?” decision.

And, yes, I had no bounce cards in any of my three decks.  Only certain sea pirates play bounce.


One Response to San Francisco Regional Qualifier 2010

  1. Brandon says:

    Man, that Trujah deck was great. Free States Rant was very good for the meta, where really only the Kiasyd had significant votes. Outside the Hourglass is a great combat card for the Trujah, but you never played it at superior!
    Definitely should have included a couple Bewitching Oration or, going with the bad/funny card thing, Under the Skin.

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