Pisces I – Zodiac I

Late as usual, but I get to the end of the series, finally.

“I believe”
positive qualities:  humility, compassion, sensitivity, spiritual awareness, psychic comprehension, philosophic insight, healing potential
negative:  timidity, apprehension, masochism, idleness, lying, weakness of will
– Linda Goodman’s “Love Signs”

Masochism & Idleness …

Or, more accurately, masochism or idleness.  One or the other seems to be where I go with deckbuilding these days.  When I generate the energy to build decks, I seem to end up with exercises in masochism while on some bizarre search for something different.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, the symbolic old soul who has been through all of the other signs.  I don’t know that that quite applies to me when it comes to deckbuilding – there are plenty of concepts and metaconcepts I haven’t tried.  But, the driver behind so much of what I do is to see something different.  Well, there’s also trying to be humorous, but telling the same joke over and over doesn’t exactly produce much of a payoff.

Timidity, apprehension, lying – too timid to really do different things, too apprehensive about the possibility of finding nothing there, lying about the idea that doing something different would be any less fun than masochistically trying the same old, same old or not trying at all.

Well, anyway, what do you do when you always want to do something different?  No, that’s not quite right.  What do you do when you want to do something different from what you’ve done recently?  Is that right?

I look back with fondness on what I did long ago.  Is there a point to revisiting old ideas?  Would an updated “I block crosstable superior Night Moves” deck really be all that compelling?  How compelling is revisiting vampires from Jyhad?  Library cards from that set that I’ve hardly considered in the last 8 or so years?

I played a new deck recently that was an all Jyhad library and it was far more interesting than most of my recent decks.  But, it falls into the same masochism trap when played in my usual environment.  I’ve been thinking about how little I’ve used the traditions in forever.  In particular, why not 1st, 3rd, 5th?  There’s always revisiting group 1 vampires, but eh, not a lot changes for them.

What of Dark Sovereigns and Ancient Hearts?  Why not Vial of Elder Vitae?  So many more disciplines to fiddle around with.

When’s the last time I built a Dauntain, The Black Magician deck?  Actually, I don’t think I ever built a deck around the card.  I have Mind Rapes – why be so timid about playing with them?  Sure, I have *a* Shotgun Ritual in a deck, but why not more?  With Eldritch Glimmers?

Free States Rant is reasonable for a new Trujah deck.

Improvised Flamethrower … oh, that was an Imbued idea.

Aren’t I the one who keeps saying Baltimore Purge is underplayed?

When’s the last time I did anything with Black Hand?  Was it really that 4cl Tzimisce bleed deck?  Surely, finally getting around to some sort of Thuggee deck can’t be that bad.

So, I built that Camarilla PRE deck when Gehenna came out.  What happened to trying some other Gehenna-y crypts?  What’s keeping me from pulling the cards for that Una deck I wrote out last(?) year?

I think it was Kindred Most Wanted when I really started losing enthusiasm for novel ideas.  Trophies never did it for me.  Good stuff was too good.  Bad stuff was too bad.

The Tupdog set …

The …

I keep thinking of doing 3rd only decks since, then, all of the cards will be marked and all of the backs will go the same direction.  And, there are those cards I haven’t really examined, too.

Dum de dum dum.  Black Hand.

Sheepdog, Zurich, hello cards I’ve done nothing with (well, with Zurich, in constructed play).

There was something about Twilight Rebellion, but I don’t recall what it was.

Must kill retainers.

Why is it so hard to build a Tunnel Runner deck?  Just because it’s strictly better than Ananasi Vampirephile?  Just because Akunanse are so dull?

Everything old is new again.  Except for maybe my stretching out a simple concept – that astrology makes for easy personalities for RPG characters – into a year long series of posts that actually don’t have a whole lot to do with the theme.


One Response to Pisces I – Zodiac I

  1. Brandon says:

    One thing that makes older decks/concepts worth playing is seeing how they interact with new decks and cards.

    Outside of deck to deck match-ups, certain cards will have interesting interactions. For example, Resilience vs Slam + Target Vitals, Tribute to the Master vs Villein/Vessel, and so on.

    Some old, unexpected tech can catch people off guard. Hunting grounds, even though they have been around since Jyhad, haven’t seen a lot of play.

    Personally, I’m trying to do different decks. I’ll see you on the field of battle!

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