So, for our last V:TES tournament, I was bored and tired of trying to think up serious decks and decided to play a deck I’d hope I’d enjoy playing rather than something I’m supposed to try to win with.  The plan failed.  It wasn’t enjoyable playing a deck that didn’t do anything.

My strategy since 2002 or so has been to play clans that by TWDA numbers are crap.  At first, it was to prove points.  Later, it was a game to see just how bad a deck I could win with.  After the Osebo win, I lost a lot of interest in the “get the first winning deck for a clan” philosophy.  I even started playing deck archetypes I had played in other events (usually storyline, but still …), like !Salubri stealth bleed.

I just had a thought.  Has to do with how tired I am of playing Presence (even more so than Dominate).  For a while, let’s see if I can forget about clans and consider disciplines instead.  What haven’t I won with (standard constructed) in terms of disciplines?

Animalism – Rare in my decks, but Of Ghastly Dreams was Animalistic.  No, actually, it wasn’t.  Just looking at the decklist again, there’s a whopping one Animalism card in the deck.  Hmmm …

Auspex – Ha!  Next.

Celerity – “When In Doubt … Win.”  8 Celerity cards, 2 Auspex/Celerity cards.

Dominate – Samedi deck not in the TWDA had some.  DoC deck had a few Deflections.  Underrepresented, but that just proves I’m not lame.  Get it?  Crutch.  Lame.

Fortitude – DoC deck had 6, all damage prevention (surprisingly useful in the finals).  Wow!!  I just looked at the decklist for the Samedi win.  26 frickin Fortitude cards.  I totally don’t remember that.  This actually makes me less interested in doing weenie Fortitude, which I’ve been thinking about for ages.  Go, go, gadget looking up old decklists.

Obfuscate – Yeah, right.

Potence – Pale Panda Warriors is clearly the best deck ever as it ran 4 Iron Glares and 2, count them, 2 straight Potence cards.  Who can now deny that I worship at the altar of the big fist?

Presence – Absurdly overrepresented.

Protean – Don’t do Gangrel.  They win too much.  However, why I haven’t done !Gangrel (except that horrid rush deck that taught me that I can’t succeed with rush) is mysterious.

Thaumaturgy – I only whip out the !Trem in storyline play.  Looks like Protean/Thaumaturgy has to be my next deck … come on … think about it … you know why … if you don’t, search for vampires with those two disciplines … yeah, that one.

Chimerstry – See first TWD.

Necromancy – Close.  Very, very close.  Whether weenie Nec in 2001 or HoS in 2009.  There was also that hilarious !Salubri deck, not that it was getting into the TWDA.

Quietus – Bah.  Well, actually, she has this discipline, too.  Oh yeah!

Serpentis – Boring, not because of the cards which are not at all boring, but because of the prevalence of FoS in the area.  Still, it’s missing.

Dementation – Not in the TWDA – 9 player tournament – straightforward !Malk stealth bleed deck.  Besides, there’s not much to do with this that wouldn’t involve overrepresented disciplines.

Obtenebration – Interestingly enough, no.  Me likes it much, but it’s so often attached to Dominate.  I so want to do a real Matthew Romans deck, but there’s absolutely no point.

Vicissitude – The deck that started me upon the path in 2001.  I really should find a name for my Path.  Anyway, first TWD was weenie Tzimisce bleed.  When I posted the deck to the newsgroup, I got idiotic responses about how I should have made it an intercept combat deck.  12 of 13 possible VPs suggested otherwise.  Never did bother mentioning it had won a tournament or that it had won every game it ever played.

Daimoinon – Blessing of the Name 1.1, a deck that I grow more fond of over time.

Melpominee – Kind of hard to leave it out of Mellow-Yellow Drama.

Mytherceria – Dave S. won a tournament with a Kiasyd deck I lent him.  I really like to play with Kiasyd but don’t really see the point of winning with them.

Obeah – I doubt this will happen any time soon.  Heirs will likely see a glut of Salubri decks, which will just turn me off.  I don’t think I ever tried playing Salubri in tournament play.

Sanguinus – It burns.  I see my failure to come up with a competitive BB deck to be particularly notable.  Their decks are just so tediously similar to each other and so tediously inept at surviving serious decks.

Spiritus – Too many Ahrimanes wins for me to give a fig.

Temporis – Tried.  Failed.  Badly.  Why do they have to have Potence and Presence as other disciplines?  Still, trying some more wouldn’t be a bad idea since I only tried twice?, maybe only once.

Thanatosis – So, Weapon Not Found had 11 Than cards, that’s respectable.

Valeren – Storyline, finals of qualifier, but not really that close.

Visceratika – There was that Gargoyles with Presence deck that showed I was digging deep for awfulness which made a finals.  Lent out that Gargoyles with Dominate deck that John likes to mention (bitch about) as a lesson that real decks need to be able to defend themselves against bleed.

Abombwe – Forgot about this.  Have no Akunanse interest, similar problem to BB of being too similar to each other.  However, there are some cute grafting things that could be done I should consider.

So, besides Protean/Thaumaturgy/Quietus, I’ve got Temporis, and if I play out of the region, Serpentis to work with.  Given our rate of standard constructed tournaments, that should cover me for 2010.  Well, maybe I’ll make it to Vegas again.


6 Responses to Omissions

  1. Brandon says:

    That’s a pretty short list of disciplines you haven’t played out! I thought that the Petra Resonance deck was funny and somewhat effective, if a bit random.

    Playing !Gangrel with the Path of the Feral Heart has to be a challenge. You had a !Gangrel keystone kine deck, but it used little if any protean.

    What are your chances of going to Vegas at this point? I’m looking at priceline and could probably split a hotel with you Saturday if you want.


  2. iclee says:

    It was the Keystone Kine deck, I think, that was the Agent of Power deck I was trying to think of Sunday, btw.

    As for Vegas, unlikely to be help with a hotel.

  3. finbury says:

    I really don’t understand why there are so many snake-lovers in the local area, but it seems to be the case. Still haven’t seen really good abuse of Eternal mask at inferior… but I don’t think that deck would be your kind of thing.

    Temporis is a fairly miserable mess; I can’t think of much that’s useful to do with the current cards. Liquidation / Clio’s Kiss might work as a sort-of Tutor, but it’s expensive in terms of actions.? Kiss of Lachesis / Helicopter seems OK, if a bit redundant; the Assault Rifle is probably a better bet. Frozen Object is a lot of work to use and doesn’t help you to win. The rest of the cards just don’t really do anything…

  4. Bill Ricardi says:

    Domain of Evernight is probably their best card. With the flexibility of being either a superior dawn op (at inferior Temporis to boot) or a free Freak Drive is pretty strong. You have to build around it, but there are plenty of dawn op archetypes out there to look at.

    Then there’s Hall of Hades’ Court. As Ian and I have mentioned, you should never have the word ‘doubled’ on a card. Build around this for big abuses… I don’t think anyone has really tried yet.

  5. finbury says:

    I always say, if you’re going to double something, double something that nobody cares about. Vote push is not particularly difficult in VtES, especially not for vampires with PRE. As things currently stand, HoHC has to compete with Bewitching Oration and Awe, and as such it just fails.

    I mean, Awe works on any minion with PRE. HoHC requires that you have another minion in play, AND that other minion needs to be the one calling the vote, AND that the Trujah be untapped. Given that Trujah aren’t cheap, in the real world that puts a cap on the number of static votes that vampire has, and so caps the power of HoHC.

    Even assuming you have an IC member around, if you don’t have an additional source of vote push then HoHC is still only giving you 4 votes – ie, be a bad Bewitching Oration. If your other minion is going to play another vote push card before the referendum, then we need to be comparing HoHC with other two-card combos – like, say, Awe/Voter Cap – and there it also fails miserably. In most circumstances, Awe/Voter Cap will give you more votes at pre than HoHC/BO would at PRE/TEM, has less play restrictions, and gives you the opportunity to gain pool at PRE.

    HoHC doesn’t double votes from the edge, from a political action card, or from Ferraile / Ventrue Headquarters. It is Not A Combo with Priscii; it’ll make it easier for them to swing the sub-referendum, but won’t do anything beyond that.

    There are a few cards that combine well with HoHC. Legendary Vampire, Powerbase: Madrid, and Kduva’s Mask are solid. Aura of Invincibility may even be good in combination, because it’s compatible with having weenies doing the voting.

    Fundamentally, though, there are very few effects that trigger based on the number of votes you have. Other than Voter Captivation and Elder Kindred Network, I can’t think of any. Voter Captivation is only useful up to the capacity of the acting minion+2, and you don’t need a vote doubler to reach that level. Elder Kindred Network is a nutpuncher of a card at the best of times, because there’s no way to force other people to call votes, and there’s no way to ensure that the person who does call a vote is someone you want to see ousted. It’s even more difficult to play with HoHC because you’d also need a card to force the other methuselah’s vampire to vote against the referendum – otherwise you can only use it to help.

    I think Domain of Evernight and Recurring Contemplation are certainly the best cards TEM has to offer, but I don’t see either of them as a reason to use the discipline. DoE isn’t quite as good as Forced March; Recurring Contemplation is on a par with some other block-attempt-fails cards, but the younger-only limitation makes it difficult to build around. There might be decks where it’s better than Seduction, but I wouldn’t say that it is universally.

  6. Bill Ricardi says:

    There’s a flaw in that analysis. One method (awe/cap) leaves you with a full vampire if it was full. The other (Hades/cap) can fill a vampire that you’ve already Minion Tapped for big pool, so you can Tap them again next turn. It’s a massive, massive difference.

    I’m not saying it’s easy to build around, I’m just saying it’s not as clear cut as you’re saying. Having an untapped guy is easier because of… Domain of Evernight of course. There’s a synergy there. Needless to say, rather than guessing, the abuses should be searched for and the deck actually built.

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