For all of those last minute Christmas shoppers (I finished yesterday), here’s a possibility for a family game.

MagnetX is a game of placing magnets on a board.  The stones have varying magnetic fields and no two sets are alike.  Variations on the game are entirely possible, but the basic idea is to place more and more magnets on the board without having them touch or leave the board.

Additional information is available from:

I was introduced to the game by the designers, whom I play V:TES and RPGs with.  They have also held tournaments at local conventions.

I see the nature of the game being two-fold.  Part of the game is strategy.  The Wiki article does a pretty good job of explaining some of this.  There’s a lot that can be learned about the different properties of different shaped pieces.  The other part is physical somewhat along the lines of Operation or Jenga where body (finger/hand) control helps immensely as you can start to feel the pull of the magnetic fields, can also see the other magnets start moving/spinning as you get closer to them.

While it helps to have some basis for your plan, some people just have a better feel for the game. 

For someone like me used to German style boardgames of resource management which often only appeal to gamer families, MagnetX is a game that should be just as accessible to kids as adults or is it adults as kids?


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