Sagittarius II – Zodiac I

Centaur deck.  As everyone knows, vampires and centaurs totally hang out all of the time.  Actually, given the way vampires are going in pop culture, vampires riding on unicorns is bound to happen soon to cover marketing to girls from younger ages to not as young ages.

Seriously, I should talk about half and half decks in V:TES given that Sag is the most half and half sign (the other dual signs like Gemini and Pisces have their own aspects of multiple natures going on).

I’m pretty sure it was a deck Ben Peal made – a Gangrel/Ravnos deck – that got me thinking consistently about decks predicated upon the idea that half of the crypt serves one function and the other half another.  Usually, one half provides the offense and the other half the defense, but it doesn’t need to be that.

Can build a deck where half of the crypt does the vote angle and half does the combat angle, or whatever. 

The problem I always have, though, is that’s it’s making things needlessly complex for questionable payoff.  Many times, one can find a single clan or set of 2-3 disciplines to handle enough of what a deck wants to do.  Anathema + stealth + beatdown – Nosferatu can do that … and have Second Traditions and Animalism for intercept.  As much as I’m into trying out questionable things*, I’m really about efficiency more than anything else (which is why my blog tries to focus on analysis).  I get annoyed by weenies who don’t have all of my disciplines, by anyone who doesn’t have my disciplines at superior, and the like, so the idea of devoting half of my minions to something that the other half might not be able to do is a personal struggle.

*  We just had a tournament, one in which I did hardly anything so I don’t see a lot of point to doing a tournament report even though we have tournaments so infrequently.  I play Soul Painting for, to my recollection, the only time in my life, and it gets DIed!!  I so got to play this card more since it’s so obviously a threat.

I don’t mind awkward decks per se.  I have played decks where not everyone can play all of my cards.  Why, just yesterday, I forgot J. Oswald “Ozzy” Hyde-White didn’t have Dementation for a couple of turns.  I just have a hard time mentally processing how to not make one cohesive deck.

So, first thing that pops into my mind when writing this is Daughters and !Tremere as one can do offense, the other defense, and they actually both rank high in my favorite clans in the game.  My inclination is to bleed with evasion with my DoC, but that’s kind of pointless.  !Trem can bleed with evasion by themselves, more so with Obfuscate or Obtenebration splashes.  Since Choir is silly (humorous in this case, maybe run 2 in the deck), it’s got to be vote from the DoC.

Sure, I could just build a !Trem vote deck, which works pretty damn well with Oriundus around, but let’s pretend I haven’t already won a tournament with DoC and really want to get a TWDA notch.  Or, let’s pretend I feel a compulsion to make use out of Tourette’s Voice.  So, I trot out Bastille Opera House, Conductor, Paris Opera House, some Madrigals to pass out some blood to my !Trem who are titled.  !Trem do some intercepting and maybe some fighting.

It could work.  It’s not terribly exciting since the combat would be kind of questionable.  Could do something with !Trem allies, which are cool, use Daughters for Siren’s Lure.  But, actually, I’m kind of intrigued by the idea of getting more use out of Spirit Summoning Chamber by running Concert Tours and/or Restorations out of DoC and Heidelberging or whatever blood over.  Of course, that would be way too much for the vote deck, so that’s a different possibility.

Is it the optimist in Sag that makes one think any of this will actually work?  The recklessness?  There has to be some effort to actually have something work.  Let me go on to some other ideas.

Who needs equipment the most?  Some people might say !Salubri, but really, they gain relatively little.  I find that Harbingers are a lot better off with guns and whatnot.  Why does this matter?  Because the game has an equipping specialist clan in Samedi.  HoS can be the defense that Samedi don’t need because they can graft Dominate or bloat with Little Mountain Cemetery, but we can pretend they need while the HoS can get tooled up from their stealthier and more Wrinkly friends.  Can even pretend that there’s a reason to play more than just Reg in the deck; play group 3/4 and can’t even play Reg, thus justifying playing half Samedi.  And, the beauty of all this is that it’s all bloodlinesy just in time for a new bloodlines set.

3 Responses to Sagittarius II – Zodiac I

  1. Bill Ricardi says:

    I like the idea of thugs with votes, for the centaur theme. The brutality of an animal, the mind of a human (which fits with the Vampire genre as well).

  2. Azel says:

    huh, so apparently most of my deck building madness has been because of some strange latent Sagittarian tendencies… but i’m a Gemini sun sign.

    well, a divided deck construction is surprisingly easy, especially after a few anarch, bloodline, or imbued builds where they are played according to their “theory”. they all play better when focused on, but yeah, having a deck fight itself ends up being a good lesson on how to squeeze out microscopic effects. suddenly basic and outferior discipline effects have a new light — if you’re self restricting to weakness, you can start to see useful swings in odd places.

    but this is not the tournament strength. it’ll likely bore half the players out there, while keeping me endlessly entertain. and then a set will come around, like TR, and make something suddenly viable after all my struggles (and then becomes common and boring and thus i must begin my quest again).

  3. finbury says:

    You know, I think many common decks can be considered “half-and-half”:
    – Fatima/Tegyrius/Enkidu multirush with support minions?
    – Deck where Badr or Ormonde is on Deflection duty?
    – Political deck where one guy has OBF, a title, and drops Cloaks, and the rest are 5-cap Anarchs with PRE?
    – Black Cat / Concealed Weapon decks?
    – Shambling Hordes?
    – Tupdog?

    I have a political deck somewhere that uses Kashan and cheap Brujah princes. The princes can Parity Shift and block with Second Tradition; Kashan can call Reckless Agitation and give the other vampires Cloak/Veil support. There are a couple of copies of Khabar: Glory in there, because it cycles well and an extra 4 pool on an oust isn’t to be sneezed at. There’s also a little space for a .44 or two, which lets Resist Earth’s Grasp work as a combat card or as stealth.

    I’ve also had some fun with an Anarch rush/intercept deck based around Beast and various cheap AUS/cel vampires. Beast gets into combat on his own; the other folks block. Beast does close-range combat, the other guys use guns. So they’re all fighting – and they can all play Hell-for-Leather, trigger Flames of Insurrection / Blood Turnip etc – but they do it differently. Nice thing about that is, if there’s someone I don’t want to face at long range I can send in Beast, and if there’s someone I don’t want to deal with at close I can block them with a gunslinger.

    “Split deck” and “deck where not every minion can use all of the cards” aren’t necessarily equivalent, either. I kind of like the idea of a deck where everyone plays the same key card, but they use it for different things. Like, a deck that uses Charismatic Aura offensively for one minion and defensively for others.

    Tutor cards, like Alastor or Magic of the Smith, are interesting here. Perhaps your deck plans to have Ash Harrison Magic up the Ruins of Ceoris, Troius the Sword of Nuln, and Marcia Felicia Licina the Karavalanisha Vrana….

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