Libra II – Zodiac I

It would be easy to be inspired by real Libras at the moment.  Whether it’s a friend of mine who did a lot for me in recent years or a relative who did far more for me throughout my life.

“I balance”
positive: justice, intelligence, charm, gentleness, emotional balance
negative: laziness, procrastination, indecision, argumentativeness, pleasure-seeking, temperamental – Linda Goodman’s “Love Signs”

I can relate so well to some of these traits that, on the one hand, playing a Libra inspired character should be easy, but on the other, it might not be enough of a stretch to be noticeable roleplaying.

My Libra inspirations are/were both very congenial.  One was a great flirt, the other great to flirt with.  The problem with flirts in games I play is that the expectation or common situation is that of a character trying to form an intimate relationship.  People do flirt just because flirting is awesome in itself, but that sort of character may just end up confusing (other) players.

At what point does being argumentative as a character get confused with being argumentative as a player?  I find players are often argumentative, and I also find that in character arguments just bog games down with stuff I don’t care about.

Going back to something mentioned a while back in another post, subtlety in PCs or NPCs is likely a waste.  By definition, intended portrayals are missed or misunderstood.  Characters need to have defining characteristics.  Sure, hedonism could be taken to an extreme, but does that really translate into anything noticeable?  Actually, maybe it does with a character in my Conan campaign.  He (or the player) are argumentative, pleasure-seeking, lazy …  Regardless, too many of these Libra traits strike me as too subtle.  I don’t see a character with these traits blowing players away, which is kind of what makes for great RPG characters.

The extreme with Libra, of course, is to do that wacky Neutral thing from AD&D where, instead of being plausible and normal, the Neutral alignment was supposed to balance against other alignments in some sort of ultracontrary way.  Too much good, time to be evil.  Too much evil, time to be good.  More appropriate to a lunatic or to a supervillain (most of which should be lunatics), a character who is obsessive about balancing against perceived extremes would be notable.

Bumby, I hope to get around to more on these subjects.  I should really post something about mahjongg, the game that started me on the track to being a gamer.  A Libra had a big influence in my learning that when I was 7-8.  Maybe soon.

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