Virgo II – Zodiac I

So, I kind of fixated on analysis in the other Virgo post.  What, then, can I do to talk about using Virgo for gaming that has a non-analytical element?

I looked up famous Virgos and found lists of people I wouldn’t consider all that famous.  Too many actors and whatnot.  Only one name really stuck out and that was Mother Teresa.

Whatever the reality of history is, I’m pretty sure that Mother Teresa’s name is the one most associated with service to others.  A PC can be complex, but most NPCs really should be focused, I’d even say symbolic.

So, a Virgo PC could try to play up timidity and crankiness or whatever.  The Virgo NPC, however, is likely to add more value by being a “Mother Teresa” sort.

Then, I started looking at famous events during Virgo’s part of the year.  I became less concerned with particulars and started thinking about the actual time of the year.  School years usually start in Virgo’s time.  Weather may get much cooler.  Summer is coming to a close as we feed into Fall.

One of the things about history that I didn’t have taught to me until college was that stuff happens for a reason.  Prior to college, it was all about memorization of names and dates with no context.  In actuality, things are interconnected to where events arise out of what’s going on, whether it’s discovering new lands, technological advancements, or whatever.

Am I getting at something?  Actually, yes.  Suppose you are putting together a RPG campaign.  What might happen this time of year (well, actually a week ago and for a month before that, as now it’s Libra’s part of the year)?  What is important about the end of Summer, about changes in temperature?

People, events, what else?  How about associations and symbols?  Virgo is supposed to be associated with the Sphinx.  Now, I don’t play in any games currently which feature sphinxes, but if I needed a personality for one on the fly, boom shaka laka.  Maybe, I want someone to be sphinxlike in some way.  Corn?  Flowers?  Nations such as Brazil and Switzerland?  Cities such as Boston and Paris?  Hunt around a little online and esoteric connections are everywhere.

But, yeah, if I were going to work on making a Virgo character for a RPG, I’d probably go back to fixating on analytical.


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