Cancer I – Zodiac I

the adolescent
“I feel”
positive: imagination, tenacity, tenderness, sensitivity, care, caution
negative: stinginess, irritability, melancholy, clinging, cowardice, possessiveness, moodiness
– from Linda Goodman’s “Love Signs”

I must admit that I don’t have a solid grasp on how to relate Cancer to gaming at the moment.  When reading through the traits listed above, the main thought that came to me was that those traits sound a lot like what the deckbuilding process is like for me.

It’s possible to build decks for CCGs without imagination.  I don’t mean copying a decklist from somewhere.  I can throw together a decklist for a CCG in 5 minutes if I don’t think too much about it.  I’ve explained to people that even V:TES isn’t difficult for me to come up with a decklist for as I apply cookie cutter deck construction theory.  Five Blood Dolls?  Check.  Six wakes?  Check.  Six bounce?  Check.  Info Highway, The Barrens, Dreams, DI?  Check.  Ten to fifteen bleed pump?  Check.  Twelve to eighteen stealth?  Check.  One .44 Magnum?  …

But, the whole point of deckbuilding is to be creative.  And, the whole point to thinking about deckbuilding is to imagine what the most absurd deck that you can possibly build to a given format is … right?

Tenacity is an obviously important trait to actually having new decks.  I have in the old ELDB 125 new decks built in 2004.  The actual number played was more like 122 as I sometimes write out decks I never pull the cards for or never end up playing/giving to others to play.  Too often I find V:TES players not actually building decks they think of.  It’s tenacity that will see them realized.

Caution is interesting.  I’m risk averse.  That typically translates into my deckbuilding as I’d rather play more and win less than win more and play less.  On the other hand, one of the main attractions to gaming is being able to be reckless without meaningful consequences.

Nothing says irritability like going to pull the cards for a deck out of one of my CCG collections and then not being able to find them.  I’m still peeved that I can’t find any of the Carver’s Meat Packing and Storages that I should own.

Melancholy, cowardice, possessiveness, moodiness – heh.  When you do something a lot, all kinds of feelings enter in.  Alas.  I have built so many decks that all that comes hence is trite.  Alas.  There are so many decks on my to do list that I will never play them all.  Alas.  No one appreciates the genius behind my Jackal decks.

Moving on.  I could try to think up some in theme deck for this sign.  Ravnos come to mind.  Chimerstry (in the RPG) is all about what imaginative uses you put to it.  In the CCG, it’s stronger defensively than about anything else in the game with Illusions of the Kindred being one of the strongest defensive combat trumps, nevermind the stealth that’s a dodge, the stealth that’s a combat ends, or the rest of combat damage prevent.  That covers caution.  But, eh, drank from that well.

There’s rebuilding Malk/! with Chimerstry to run Nightmare Curse and Illusions defense.  That would qualify as imaginative, if I hadn’t done it before.  There are new cards – Touch of Clarity, Wrong and Crosswise, maybe Will-o’-the-Wisp – that could make it in for extra sensitivity and care.

I can’t see doing another Imbued deck in this series even though I see tenderness and caution there.  Salubri would be the other way to go to try to capture those traits.

This line of thinking is getting me nowhere fast.  Cancer is the moon’s sign and what says “moon” more than werewolves?  And, what says random werewolves more than Mata Hari, Jacob Fermor, a bunch of stealth and Freak Drives?

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