Gen Con Event Registration

Gen Con Indy’s event registration began today.  Having gone to many a Gen Con and had my share of problems getting what I wanted with hotels, events, or whatever, I make a lot of effort to do things ASAP.

I probably didn’t need to.  While some of the events I got tickets for were down to 1 ticket left after I purchased mine, the events I try to get into usually are not that popular or can handle a lot of players.

My current philosophy is to strike a balance between Heroes of Rokugan and doing new and different RPGs.  In total, I signed up for nine RPG sessions, didn’t sign up for the HoR LARP but left the slot open to decide what I want to do then later, and didn’t sign up for True Dungeon.

True Dungeon, for me, has been a middling experience.  It’s different, but it’s just not as engaging as it should be for the high cost, effort to get a slot, and time.

Last year’s Gen Con went perfectly well playwise even though I did a lot of HoR events.  I recall four normal sessions and the battle interactive.  As there are plenty of weird events or systems I haven’t played that I want to try, I don’t like overcommitting to one gaming channel. 

I really like my schedule this year in terms of finding new things that sound good.  Hopefully, nothing goes wrong.  I do need to figure out what to do during that Saturday 2PM slot, though.  The typically odd stuff I’ve signed up for includes Weapons of the Gods (have the book, can’t imagine getting any of my groups to play it), How We Came To Live Here (Native American gaming), Houses of the Blooded, fairy tale noir using QAGS, Oz: Dark and Terrible using Balance RPG system.  There’s plenty of things I don’t have time for that sound interesting enough.  And, I’ve skipped old favorites like Feng Shui and Four Colors al Fresco to allot enough time for new and HoR.

I think I’m drawn to fairy tale games having played a really cool Alice in Wonderland session at a local convention.  I went through a superhero phase in recent years and probably overdid that.  HoR has become my anchor of normalcy in a world of experimentation.  The one story I tell about last year’s Gen Con is the weirdest game I’ve ever played where the premise was that we played dreams in the real world.  One player had to drop before we started because it was too abstract.

I did actually look at non-RPG events since I wanted to look up the HoR LARP.  I just can’t justify signing up for CCGs, miniatures, parlor LARPs, or whatever when there are so many RPGs to try.

The online registration wasn’t particularly painful this year.  Nor did I have to spend a lot of time putting the puzzle pieces together to make a functional schedule.  It is sad, though, how many systems don’t get used.  RPGs never become obsolete.


3 Responses to Gen Con Event Registration

  1. KevinM says:

    Does this mean you won’t be coming to Origins? >:(

  2. John R says:

    you have to tell me about the “How We Came to Live Here” NA gaming system and fairy tale noir RPG. i love a good RPG, even if i can’t run the damn thing because players aren’t cooperative. but then, when are they ever? create the best beginning dungeon, watch them go march to their doom sieging the castle. but first i have to come back from Korea: Land of StarCraft and CounterStrike

  3. iclee says:

    I don’t know anything about them, which is why I was interested. I tend to cycle out of things I’ve done a lot of in the past, like Four Colors al Fresco, to free up slots to try weird stuff. That dream game …

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