April 11th Playday

Yet more V:TES.

Saturday, the South Bay group got together and played three games.  We thought we would have five players but one got sick at the last moment.

Game 1:

Settite bleed -> !Toreador intercept/combat -> Slaughterhouse -> War Gods (from Aries II blog post)

This game not only wasn’t what I expected, it wasn’t what anyone should expect.  It would have been so different to be preying upon the !Toreador deck as I could have moved combat cards.  Instead, for most of the game, I was handjammed on Potence combat cards.

My prey and I didn’t interact hardly at all as he correctly didn’t block me and just kept going forward, which was fairly effective as he ousted his prey and was very close to ousting the Slaughterhouse deck, until the Slaughterhouse deck played Minion Taps for 6 and 7 in the same turn.  I didn’t interact with my predator until the end of the game because my predator’s deck wasn’t actually designed to do anything.

Before my library was milled away, I ousted the Settite deck.  I just kept bringing out more vampires, mostly ignoring my pool, as I figured my predator could only oust me with Brinksmanship.  In the endgame, I had enough minions on the table, a Preternatural Strength, and was gaining pool from Powerbase: Montreal and the edge that even without a library I had the game pretty much dominated.

Of great amusement was that the only offensive combat I generated from combat cards was by using Immortal Grapple to press.  I didn’t have any rush when I had combat cards and vice versa.

Somehow, I don’t think it was a good test of the viability of the deck, but that happens.

Game 2:

Kiasyd -> KoT Ventrue 4CL -> !Toreador intercept/combat (different deck) -> Malk stealth bleed

This game was painful to play.  My deck was just a good stuff, 4 card limit Ventrue deck that I restricted to Keepers of Tradition vampires only.  I wanted to play with vamps I would have little interest in.  The problem was that they didn’t go together very well – too many missing disciplines and inferior disciplines.  It also hurt that I couldn’t get a Prince or Justicar in play and so all of the cards that required such were dead draws.

The Malk deck decided too late to go backwards with Kindred Spirits, having had a number of vampires get torped.  Right before I was going to lunge, my predator took me out.  I had spent a lot of pool to bring out minions knowing that only overwhelming numbers of actions was going to enable me to do any damage to my prey.  The Malk deck didn’t survive much longer.  In the endgame, the Kiasyd took out a tooled up Klaus Konrecht, achieving a vastly superior position, and went on to win.

Game 3:

Conrad Adoula anarch rush -> first !Toreador deck from above -> Ani/Pro stealth bleed -> big cap Lasombra

I didn’t have the perfect number of transfers to start things out, but the early game was great for my bleed deck.  I got out Beatrice Tremblay.  My prey got out Moncada.  So, I just kept bleeding for 3, which mostly got bounced around the table.  When Francisco Polonia came out, I switched to bleeding for 2 with monsters having -1 intercept and bleeding for 2-3 with my Gangrel.  My prey bounced a lot, but he couldn’t hold me off even as I started running out of stealth.  Some of my minions got beaten up, but my second prey was low on pool and I ate Conrad after doing agg damage to her, removing his ability to function.  Meanwhile, my predator was largely crippled from fighting earlier in the game.  So, I finished them off.

I like the Ani/Pro bleed deck.  It’s weenieish, fights a little, blocks a tiny bit, and does a lot of damage.  I should work on making it better for tournament play.


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